Right here at Avalon Solutions we offer professional commercial and residential softwash cleaning services in Plymouth and across both Devon & Cornwall. Our softwash cleaning team are extensively trained in using all of the specialised softwash cleaning products and methods that we utilise. We are also 100% fully insured.

Residential Softwash Cleaning

Residential softwash cleaning services in Plymouth and throughout Devon & Cornwall

Commercial Softwash Cleaning

Commercial softwash cleaning services in Plymouth and throughout Devon & Cornwall.


If you are looking for exceptional and long lasting cleaning of your property then Avalon Solutions have the answer. We believe that ‘softwashing’ is the most effective method to cleaning buildings and other exterior surfaces.

Our Softwashing team clean buildings, driveways, patios and walls for commercial and residential customers producing fantastic results time after time.

Softwashing involves the use of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and a low-pressure water feed to gradually clean your exterior hard surfaces and remove any build-up of dirt, grime, algae, moss and other organic matter as well as any atmospheric pollutants.

Some of the major benefits of softwashing include:

  • Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals break up and remove all types of dirt and grime from a variety of surfaces
  • Low pressure water feed is gentle and will not scar or damage surfaces
  • Most surfaces, even at height, can be cleaned using a water fed pole so no ladders or scaffold is required

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